Introducing The Caribe

Blue watch resting on leather case

The Caribe is a boutique, limited-edition watch designed to be a refreshing blend of traditional and modern. Classic design cues treated with a novel styling make it both familiar and unique.

Premium construction with Stainless steel, 200m water resistance, and anti-glare sapphire crystal protect a precision high-beat automatic Japanese Miyota 9039 movement inside. And the brightest lume available means you're never left in the dark. We also offer unique speckled matte dial finishes which are not available anywhere else. Read below for detailed specs.

Boutique production means we can deliver the best in class when it comes to both value and customer service. Each timepiece is inspected, tested, and regulated by hand in Pennsylvania.

Five Unique Dial Finishes Available:

Blue Ardio Caribe Watch

Light Blue

  • Speckled Matte Dial Finish
  • Black Accents
  • Limited Release 3-Digit Serial

Reminiscent of blue skies, cool swimming pools, and tropical waters. The speckled matte finish on this dial is unique to the ARDIO brand.

Brass Ardio Caribe Watch

Gauge Brass

  • Brushed Brass Dial
  • Black Accents
  • Limited Release 3-Digit

This radial-brushed brass dial is dynamic in the way it interacts with light. The depth and texture react to each movement.

Green Ardio Caribe Watch

Isotope Green

  • Speckled Matte Dial Finish
  • Black Accents
  • Limited Release 3-Digit Serial

Mysterious and alluring. The speckled matte finish on this dial is unique to the ARDIO brand.

Black Ardio Caribe Watch

Gilded Black

  • Super-Glossy Black Dial
  • Gilded Accents
  • Limited Release 3-Digit Serial

The glossy black dial shows depth, contrasted by the glimmer of the gold accents.

Orange Ardio Caribe Watch

Sunrise Orange

  • Speckled Matte Dial Finish
  • Black Accents
  • Limited Release 3-Digit Serial

Energetic in sunlight, brooding in dim lighting. The speckled matte finish on this dial is unique to the ARDIO brand.




Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Finish: Brushed

Water Resistance: 200 meters / 650 feet

Diameter: 40mm

Thickness: 10.8mm (12.8mm with crystal)

Lug-to-lug: 47.9mm

Lug width: 20mm

The case features a sleek, swept design reminiscent of marine life. The curves were designed to be comfortable on all wrist sizes.

The dimensions were chosen so that the watch can easily fit under a cuff when necessary, while still commanding some wrist presence.

The two most common types of stainless steel you'll find in watches is 304 and 316L stainless steel. While 304 is a bit less expensive, 316L is superior because it provides increased protection against corrosion, particularly against salt water. The brushed finish also helps to conceal minor scratches to the finish as they occur during use.

The lugs and spring bar locations were designed to accommodate the largest array of leather, rubber, and NATO straps.


Material: Sapphire

AR Coated: Yes

Shape: Double dome

Sapphire crystal is extremely durable and scratch resistant, and the domed shape adds even more strength. The Anti-reflective coating inside reduces glare and provides the greatest clarity.

The high dome on this crystal gives the watch a distinct vintage dive look, and adds character to the watch from all different angles.


Material: 316L

Finish: Brushed with polished highlights

Rotation: 120-click, uni-directional

Lumed Marker: Yes

The 12-hour bezel can be used both as a dive-style bezel to mark time with its 120-click mechanism and lumed marker, or as a GMT substitute in a pinch.

The bezel is brushed, with a polished finish applied only to the teeth and chamfer, to reflect just the right amount of light to bring the case to life.


Type: Screw-down

Size: 6mm

Crown Guard: Yes

Signed: Yes

A lot of time and testing went into finding the optimal size for a crown that kept with the sleek, contemporary design of the watch, but was still large enough to comfortably operate - even in thin gloves.

The crown guard was thoughtfully molded around the crown instead of simply cut out in a block shape.


Type: Swiss BGW9 Super-Luminova

Applied: Dial, Hands, Bezel Marker

In keeping with the spirit of a dive watch, excellent lume is a must. Multiple layers of Swiss BGW9 lume give the watch the brightest blue glow possible. The lume on this watch out-lasts competitors which cost several times as much.


Movement: Miyota 9039

Made In: Japan

Function: Hacking, hand-winding, automatic

Beat rate: High-beat - 8 beats per second

Power Reserve: 42 hours

The venerable Miyota 9039 is a premium mechanical movement and was chosen for this watch for the buttery smooth high-beat action, accuracy and reliability, and longevity. These movements are tested, trustworthy, and perform just as well as much more expensive options, with a lower failure rate to boot.


The Caribe will ship with two straps; one tropic, and one leather.

Tropic Details:

Long side: 120mm

Short side: 70mm

Buckle: Brushed stainless steel, signed

A tropic-style strap was chosen because they can easily handle water or sweat, are comfortable in both warm and cool environments, and do not scratch like steel bracelets. Keeping the design contemporary, a modern pointed end was used instead of the longer rectangle-shaped end traditionally used. This allows a cleaner tuck of the strap.

Leather Details:

Long side: 120mm

Short side: 75mm

Buckle: Brushed stainless steel, signed

The leather strap is a two-stitch style strap made with genuine Italian leather. It has finished edges and an inner lining.

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