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Here you can check for updates about ARDIO and our products.

5/27/2024 - Bracelet Update

Hey everyone, very happy to report that we've moved on to production for the bracelet. It's looking like they will be ready to ship in July. E-Mails will go out to customers and those on the mailing list when orders may be placed. You can preview the specs here.

3/20/2024 Bracelet Update

Hello everyone.

So, the original bracelet design was a beads-of-rice with a micro-adjust clasp, but no quick-adjust. After talking with our customers, we decided to start over on the clasp. The new clasp is planned to have a push-button quick-adjust.

Anyone who has purchased the Caribe at full retail will have the opportunity to get a bracelet for free (just pay shipping) when it is released, and anyone who purchased at the pre-order/sale price will have the opportunity to purchase one at a discount.

Since we had to replace the original clasp design altogether, production had to reset. Bracelets should start shipping around June. We'll keep everyone updated!

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2/15/2024 Update

Hello everyone, just a quick update. Bracelet is still in the works, and we expect some new reviews from publications coming in soon.

Also, unfortunately had to temporarily disable the instant chat feature on the site for a bit; along with the new attention we're getting came lots of spammers trying to sell us services via the chat. You can still reach out via the contact page and you'll get a response ASAP.

11/28/2023 - Bracelet In The Works

Currently working on a beads of rice bracelet for the Caribe.

11/10/2023 - Shipping Date Set

Happy to announce that Caribes will begin shipping on September 16! Orders will ship in the order in which they were received.

10/25/2023 - QC Round 2 Passed

Very happy to report that our independent third-party inspector has passed all items. What's next is that the items will be shipped to us in Pennsylvania, given a final inspection by myself, and shipped out. We expect them to begin shipping in 1-2 weeks.

10/18/2023 - Delivery Date Pushed Back Slightly

The latest round of QC showed that some of the bezel actions were not as smooth as I required them to be, so we are going to remake some parts to resolve the issue. This will push our delivery date to the first or second week of November. Avoiding delays has been an extremely high priority for me, but quality is the highest. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but please know that the delay means a guaranteed quality product.

10/10/2023 - QC Round 2 Scheduled

The second round of independent QC is schedule for 10/17. The third round will take place about 1-2 weeks after, and watches will begin to ship that same week.

10/6/2023 - Beginning QC Round 1

All manufacturing and assembly has been completed! We can now begin the three independent rounds of QC to ensure everything exceeds expecations for our customers. We should be able to announce a ship date soon for those that have pre-ordered.

9/22/2023 - All On Schedule

I'm happy to report that we're still on schedule for an early Otctober arrival date! The zipper cases, silicone bands, spring bar tools, and leather bands are completed, and the watches are being made as we speak!

7/31/2023 - Phase 2 Begins

All of the Tier-1 pre-orders have been sold and production has begun! A handful of watches will be available at Tier-2 pricing throughout the production phase (about 6-8 weeks).

7/16/2023 - Pre-Orders Begin

We are fully ready to launch and we will begin notifying reservation-holders of their ability to pre-order today. If every reservation-holder follows through with an order, there will be no Tier 1 pre-orders left for the general public. However, any reservations which are not redeemed will be available to the public within the coming days. We expect delivery approximately 2.5 months from today.