About ARDIO Watches

Hello, I'm Ron Oley, owner of ARDIO Watches.

ARDIO is a boutique watch brand based in Pennsylvania, USA. Our name is rooted in the word ardent, which implies an intense degree of zeal, devotion, or enthusiasm; a glowing passion. This accurately describes both our brand and our customers.

Our first watch, the Caribe, took more than three years to design and bring to life. We did things the way microbrands used to be done: each component was designed from scratch and the best supplier for each component was chosen. We did not use catalog parts to cut costs, or a third party agency to do the work for us, and this means we can provide the absolute best quality at our price point.

Our aim is to create unique, functional, high-quality mechanical watches; to create them in very small batches and ensure top-notch quality control and customer service; and to do all of this at the most accessible price possible.

To put it more simply, our aim is to be the best in our class.

Please contact us below with any questions, concerns, or feedback. We love to hear from fellow watch enthusiasts!

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